Habits that contribute to pre-mature aging

Habits that contribute to pre-mature aging

While the skin of all ages is attractive, the passage of time can dull your radiance. Minimize these practices that can cause early skin aging to maintain your complexion firm, bright, and smooth.


  1. Rubbing your eyes:

Under-eye bags are caused by the weakening of the muscles surrounding the eyes, which is a natural part of the aging process. Rubbing the eyes isn’t a concern for most people, and it won’t have any long-term consequences. Continuous eye rubbing might exacerbate the problem by causing inflammation in the area. Rubbing your eyes excessively might cause lines around your eyes. This is a concern for eczema patients, who may rub their eyes excessively due to discomfort and irritation. Dennie-Morgan lines are the name for these bags and creases, which might resemble a black eye.

That’s not all, though. Darkness can be caused by pulling, tugging, or rubbing on the fragile skin around the eyes.

Solutions for the skin: – Find out what’s causing you to rub your eyes. Allergies are the most common cause of eye itching (and excessive eye rubbing); see an allergist get your symptoms diagnosed and treated. If eczema is the source of your discomfort, a dermatologist can advise you on treatment choices.


  1. Not getting enough sleep:

Sleep is necessary for maintaining energy, concentration, and a healthy complexion. The skin undergoes a regeneration process at night. Sleep deprivation might eventually show on your face. Sleep deprivation (defined as five hours or less) has been associated with increased indications of aging, deterioration of the skin barrier, and worse satisfaction with one’s appearance. Solutions for the skin: – Follow these four suggestions to obtain enough sleep:

  • Every day, go to bed and wake up at the same time to help your body settle into a routine.
  • Create a dark, chilly, and quiet environment in your bedroom.
  • Two to three hours before bedtime, finish your meal.
  • Afternoon caffeine consumption should be kept to a minimum.


  1. Sipping out of straw:

Do you use a straw to drink dark drinks, tea, or coffee? It may keep your pearly whites from staining, but it can also develop tiny wrinkles around your lips, which are an indication of skin aging. Sipping from a straw activates the muscles surrounding the lips, and the more we use those muscles, the more likely we are to develop a crease in our skin. Smokers develop creases around their mouths for the same reason. Lip pursing can be traced as the source of those lines. Solution for the skin: – You don’t have to avoid straws like the plague, but if you can avoid them whenever possible, do so.


  1. Stress:

Stress has an impact on every part of our bodies. Your skin is included in this. If you’re constantly anxious (or can’t sleep because of worry), your body is constantly producing stress hormones, which can lead to accelerated aging. Cortisol (the stress hormone) induces inflammation and breaks down collagen, resulting in drooping skin and wrinkles. Chronic stress can also hasten the aging process due to increased inflammation, according to a study. Stress may be minimized primarily by lifestyle modifications, such as excellent nutrition, adequate sleep, and meditation, all of which have a significant impact on the biological and cosmetic aging process.


  1. Ignoring neck and hand:

The single most preventable risk factor for aging is ultraviolet light. Even the most careful SPF users may overlook their neck and hands, which could be one of the first locations to reveal your age. Previous research has indicated that women with noticeable veins and wrinkles on their hands are regarded to be older than those with plumper hands. We lose some suppleness as we become older. Additionally, the hands lose volume and fat, resulting in transparent skin with wrinkles and age spots. Your skin thins down, making your hands appear smaller. You can see the tendons a little more now, as well as the vessels, which are more wrinkled. Long-term sun exposure can cause the neck to become discolored and older-looking as well. Solution for the skin Again, avoiding dangerous UV rays will assist; however, if you must go outside, seek shade and wear a hat with a brim, sunscreen, and sun protection clothes.


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