How to Keep your Joints Healthy?

How to Keep your Joints Healthy?

There’s more you can do than thank your lucky stars if you’ve walked, ran, or trekked thus far without experiencing severe knee pain. As you get older, a few simple precautions might help you safeguard your knees. Maintaining or enhancing joint health requires regular exercise. But what other options do you have?


Here are some more simple ways to keep your joints in good working order.


Keep moving

Many persons with arthritis are afraid of increasing their pain or causing more damage to their joints if they engage in regular physical activity or exercise. The body is supposed to move, and our joints allow us to do so. Movement helps us maintain a healthy weight by easing joint stiffness, reducing joint discomfort, strengthening the muscles that surround the joints, and easing joint stiffness. Keep active because the advantages are genuine!


Protect your joints

It is critical for everyone, especially those suffering from arthritis, to safeguard their joints. The purpose of joint-protection principles is to lessen pain while also reducing the stress of weight placed on joints.

Don’t forget to

  • Pay attention to the signs of pain.
  • Avoid activities that cause joint stress or pain.
  • Keep good body mechanics in mind.
  • Maintain a healthy balance of activity and rest; don’t overdo it.
  • Examine the various assistive technologies and mobility aids that are available.
  • Maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI).


Maintain your ideal weight

We must maintain our proper body weight for good joint health. Excess body weight puts additional strain on our joints, particularly the weight-bearing joints. Weight loss improves knee pain, function, and stiffness related to knee osteoarthritis in studies.


Do low impact exercises

Low-impact exercise, a softer form of exercise that reduces the stress placed on joints during high-intensity workouts, can provide the same advantages as high-intensity workouts.

Aquatic sports like swimming, social sports like golf, walking, and cycling, are all low-impact exercises that are easy on your joints.


Strengthen your muscles

Our joint-supporting muscles must be kept as strong as possible. Doing strengthening exercises can help you maintain or improve your muscle strength. Weight training is utilized in conjunction with a strengthening program. Make sure you don’t overdo your workouts by pacing them. You can improve the stability of your joints while reducing discomfort with regular strength training.


Try Range-of-motion Exercises

Arthritis usually causes a restricted range of motion. You should put each joint through its entire range of motion regularly to maintain to improve your range of motion.

Each of your joints should be extended, bent, or rotated. Exercises that promote flexibility- relieve stiffness and pain, and keep our joints functional are known as range-of-motion exercises.


Eat an anti-inflammatory diet

Keeping arthritis symptoms under control and maintaining overall joint health requires reducing inflammation. An anti-inflammatory diet consists of avoiding foods that cause inflammation and increasing the intake of nutrients that reduce inflammation. A Mediterranean diet, according to several authorities, is a healthy choice for reducing inflammation.


Prioritize Vitamin D and Calcium

Vitamin D and calcium are two essential elements for strong bones. Calcium absorption requires vitamin D. Vitamin D can be obtained by sunlight, diet, or supplementation. Many people require some nutritional support.  Low calcium levels are linked to lower bone density and a higher risk of fracture.


Stop Smoking

The majority of people aren’t aware that smoking raises their risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. Injuries involving bursitis or tendonitis are also more likely when you smoke. Smokers are also more likely to suffer from low back discomfort and rheumatoid arthritis. To promote bone and joint health, quit smoking.


A range of health risks exists in today’s modern society. Free radicals are constantly attacking our bodies, from bad diets and sedentary lifestyles to an ever-increasing exposure to toxins and escalating stress. Even when we put in extra effort to reach optimal wellness, we don’t always get the results we seek. Vasayo Renew Microgel aids in the body’s “restarting,” offering a greater level of support for improved joint health and overall well-being.

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