V-Shake (Whey)

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Vasayo V-Shake

Premium Natural Protein. Deriving from the Greek proteos (“primary” or “taking first place”), proteins play the leading role in building up your body’s muscle tissues, immune cells, and life-supporting enzymes. But the reality is our bodies don’t produce enough amino acids to cultivate the protein production needed to perform these health-preserving functions, regardless of age or physical condition. We know that “more meat” isn’t the answer, as meat overload is known to cause high cholesterol, heart disease, digestion issues, weight gain, and even bad breath.

So…what is the solution?


Vasayo V-Shake is a premium-quality protein shake that delivers a daily, maximally ideal serving of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Considered by medical professionals and scientists alike to be “essential,” BCAAs are the basic building blocks to every function in your body. However, your body doesn’t generate BCAAs on its own. Supplementation is the only option, and that’s why we created V-Shake!

To produce the world’s standard in BCAA-dense, premium-protein shakes, we source our ingredients from the mountainous hill-country of New Zealand. Driven by the strength of its multiple Advanced Delivery Technologies for optimum body absorption and response.

Vasayo V-Shake comes in two exquisitely flavored choices—grass-fed whey Creamy Vanilla or plant-based vegan Rich Cocoa.

6 reviews for V-Shake (Whey)

  1. Natalie

    You will find the right fiber content in this whey. It improved my digestion procedures in wonderful ways.

  2. Lucy

    The best thing about this is that I can share it with my daughter too. We both have same breakfast with the goodness of V-shake (whey)

  3. Bella

    It has helped me reduce my weight. My dietician recommended this product and now it is always found in my grocery list.

  4. Hailey

    Adding this in my daily dietary habits it has done wonders to every part of my body. I glow differently, and always have energy to the chores.

  5. Julia

    Didn’t actually feel it would do any good to my body system. But I have got rid of my constipation and have a better digestion.

  6. Maria

    Will always recommend this to all the young people and gym freaks to have this.

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