Vasayo V-Slim

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Many weight management products on the market today take a narrow focus on weight control.  Vasayo V-Slim: Weight Management! This comprehensive formula boasts multiple ingredients to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, slow cortisol production, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. All this while providing a delicious and hydrating taste experience!


Vasayo V-Slim


Get the Results You’re Looking For

We all want to look and feel great, but life often gets in the way. Work, school, family, and more place seemingly endless demands on our time and attention. We get it. If maintaining optimal body weight were easy, we wouldn’t have needed to create V-Slim: Weight Management.

But the fact is that more than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. We’ve created Vasayo V-Slim to help those who no longer want to be a statistic. Many have preached that being overweight can be remedied by simple math: calories-in vs. calories-out. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Proper weight control is a complex issue, with factors like stress, hormone imbalance, and appetite suppression playing key roles in achieving a healthy weight. The good news is Vasayo V-Slim: Weight Management is designed to address each of these areas.



Features & Benefits

Boosts Metabolism: Helps fire up the body’s fat-burning centers.*

Curbs Appetite: Multiple ingredients help suppress appetite and curb cravings.*

Supports Healthy Blood-Sugar Levels: Balanced, healthy blood sugar levels are essential to slowing the production of fat in the body.*

Promotes Hormone Balance: Slowing the production and activity of hormones like cortisol (the so-called “stress hormone”) are also crucial to achieving a healthy weight.*

Our Advanced Delivery Technology utilizes the power of enzymes for optimal nutrient delivery and absorption.*



Slimaluma® (Caralluma Fimbriata): A cactus-like plant long used in India and surrounding areas as an appetite suppressant to ward off hunger in times when food was in short supply.*

Garcinia Cambogia: Contains the key compound hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which slows the stress hormone cortisol, boosts metabolism, and assists in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.*

Gymnema Sylvestre: Used for hundreds of years in India and elsewhere, this herb helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.*

Chromium/Vanadium: Two trace minerals essential for converting fat into energy. They also reduce cravings, boost metabolism, and aid in stress reduction.*

Coconut Juice Powder: This nutrient-rich, low-calorie beverage suppresses appetite, replaces essential electrolytes, and aids the digestive process.*


How to Use

Mix 1 packet in 6–8 oz. of water.


Additional Info

SIZE 30 Servings

9 reviews for Vasayo V-Slim

  1. Lola

    It works, but
    I had to take 2 servings a days (one in the morning and one in the evening) for this product to work. It works but the cost per month to sustain the results is a lot. Hence the score of 3 stars.

  2. Susan

    I take this 1-2x day, it does help curb my appetite. I like the taste, it’s part of my daily regimen

  3. Angie

    Losing weight is not easy as we get older. Especially women who are in menopause. V-slim taste great and curbs my appetite while still giving me nutrients.

  4. Justin

    This product has become daily thing for me. When I first started with this company back in October I was roughly 223 pounds. I had a goal weight of getting to 200 by March 13th, my birthday, and I am currently sitting right at 200. I haven’t been able to work out during these past few months due to injuries from baseball season and this product has helped me so much with curbing my appetite where I’m not eating as much as I used to. Being able to lose these 23 pounds, and keep them off, which is the hardest thing in any weight loss journey in my opinion, has been the biggest blessing for me. My confidence has boosted and I’ve become more comfortable in the body I was given. Stocked up during the sale and still have 9 bags left but this will be a product I will continue to use for a very long time.

  5. Joan

    I have taken many products in my day to help with slimming and curbing appetites, boosting the metabolic rate and hoping my blood sugar levels won’t drop; this. was always one of my concerns. The other concerns I have grown to get more skeptical about with weight loss products is the antagonizing effect most of them have on the bodies environment and the long term effects it can leave on us. The formulation compounds that are in this SLIM are very well done and have helped with not throwing off my hormones or blood sugar levels…. if anything it has given me superior energy and has helped curb my appetite … really hope this helps!

  6. Benjamin

    Tastes great!!
    Love putting this in my water before meal times or anytime. Tastes great and it really does make you just not feel as hungry.

  7. Rebecca and Larry

    Finally a product that is easy to use and share in my quest for appetite control and weight management. It’s a great team player with changes in lifestyle, diet, and mind work.

  8. ThomasandDiane

    The V-SLIM helped crave my appetite and I helped me lose a little weight in the process.

  9. lucila

    I really haven’t taken this product much to notice a lot of difference. I’ll keep on taking it to see more results

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