The Health Benefits of Vegan Protein

The Health Benefits of Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein: Understanding how to substitute the protein contained in meat is becoming increasingly relevant as more people continue to appreciate vegetarian and vegan food.

Why do we need protein? 

~ Proteins are the basic components of life. Amino acid chains make up every cell in the human body, and amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

~ Our bodies can make 11 “non-essential” amino acids on their own, so we need to get 9 “essential” amino acids from our diets.

~ Protein is required for the production of enzymes and neurotransmitters that keep our digestion and metabolism running smoothly, as well as the repair of our tissues and muscles. Protein is also required for the production of enzymes and neurotransmitters that keep our digestion and metabolism running smoothly and our brains functioning.

~ Our bodies lose and replace approximately 2 million cells per second, and our bodies are unable to fix damaged cells or develop new ones if we don’t get enough protein in our diet. Simply put, we need sufficient protein to thrive.

Vegan protein has the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced Digestion – Safe fibers found in vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds help to boost digestion and absorption, enhance motility, and minimize gas and bloating symptoms.
  2. Metabolism Support – The mixture of fiber and protein in vegan whole foods takes the body a long time to digest. The more your body works to metabolize plant protein, the more efficient it becomes at burning fat.
  3. Heart health – Plant-based diets are high in safe plant sterols and low in cholesterol and saturated fats, which can help to boost heart health and general well-being.
  4. Avoid added hormones and antibiotics – Many animal-based protein sources can contain added hormones and antibiotics, while plant-based protein sources are high in antioxidants, phytochemicals (naturally occurring plant compounds), vitamins, and minerals, all of which are essential for good health.
  5. Full proteins – Many people assume that animal protein sources are the only ones that are “complete.” This obviously isn’t the case. Full protein sources include soy, tempeh, edamame beans, and golden pears. There are also a variety of ways to mix vegan foods to get all of your amino acids in one meal


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